What a rescue!

Today we had a regular meeting with 6 members plus 1 guest, an ex-member.

When we arrived at the facility, surprisingly the room was not able to use due to refurbishment.

We were suddenly at critical moment.

Then I asked if FORWARD English school can share a room if they have a vacant one.

I rushed into FORWARD and asked Principal Ishiwata if he allows it.

He said he has a room up to 20:10.

Then we appreciated for his kind and flexible treatment. And we had a meeting in a room of FORWARD.

We had a word of the day as "Panic" as we were in panic without Ishiwata san's treatment.

And we had three prepared speeches on this day. We skipped table topic session.

The first speaker was me, Yukimasa Matsuda. The speech was titled "Chain reaction."

The second speaker was C. Ishizuka, the touching speech was titled "The diaries."

The third speaker was D VonGolden. The speech title was "The core."

All were inspiring speech and the best speaker went to C. Ishizuka.

We had respective three evaluators, and I. Ihedoro was elected as the best evaluator.

Although it was a short meeting but so productive meeting due to the unconditional support by TM Ishiwata, the principal of FORWARD. Thank you very much, Ishiwata san!