Welcome back to Tozai!

Tozai Club is a unique club with its intensive club meeting organization. The meeting is usually held by 4-6 members by multiple role taking and full of opportunities to speak out.

Yesterday the club welcomed two ex-members coincidentally, TM Edward Lugo Asis and TM Ifee Ihedoro. What a great come back meeting it was!

In the meeting, we had 4 members and 3 guests and we run Table Topic session, 1 prepared speech and 1 evaluation speech. The two ex-members, TM Edo and TM Ifee, delivered inspiring table topic speeches. We had good grammarian report by TM Ifee.  And at the end, TM Edo reinstated his membership! What a great come back!

Tozai Club has full of opportunities consistently. Equal chances are shared and prepared. For anyone who wants to enjoy the capacity, Tozai club is the best in Division C. They welcome you!