Happy ending of 2018-2019 term!

What a happy ending of Tozai in 2018-2019 term in this evening!

Our Club President Yuka san opened today's meeting with her anecdote when she started this term as our Club President. Yes, it was the time when we had our meetings with two to four members. We have been struggling with the fewer membership to operate the meetings. However, we took efforts and efforts to revitalize our club and we could finally gain the membership up to 13 and now we usually have more than 8 attendances with a couple of guests.

We had two prepared speakers who are the finalists of national contests. Both of them delivered high quality speeches.

We welcomed a new guest in the midst of the meeting.

And we enjoyed the table topic sessions by having the table topic master with experiences in Myanmar. And we had two evaluators with General Evaluator.

And Club President adjourned the last meeting this term. Following the regular meeting we had Club Officer Installation ceremony with incoming Area 32 Director. Installation Ceremony was fun by the photographer, Drian. We could have the happy ending in this 2018-2019 term and we are looking forward to having new term with more ecstatic moments!